Focused coverage of Malaysian cultural and socio-political views.

Multi-ethnic customs flourish in Malaysia and various unique pastime activities and festivities of gregarious communities are crystallized as Malaysian quaint and affecting culture. Whatever the focus everyone ought to be in a race for virtues and foster unity and a peaceful way of life. Promoting an impartial stance to counter extremist viewpoints of partisan blogs and general news media becomes an enabler for realizing the abundant life in a resource rich nation.

Political and economic systems and specific thrusts of the day cannot be perfect, yet need to be appropriate for the nation’s stage of development. Affirmative action must be attuned to current circumstances of various communities.

Peace, harmony and stability must be the foremost considerations and that the populace at large has affordable recourse to heath care, education and the rule of law must comport with the practicalities of excelling communities. Basic liberties for entrepreneurship and to advance oneself in honest livelihood too must prevail. Stable status quo should not be risked to go asunder by untoward aggressiveness and mischief in the land based on mere appealing rhetoric without plausible alternatives and capable substitute leaders of upright characters.

Once things have settled there is no merit to cause disruptions and agitate unlawful actions. Blessed are those who move forward with practical good deeds and good works. Each nation and each community have their own code of law and conduct yet only by people’s actions will we know them – not lip service recitals and mere slogan avocations.

Hope Tribute Malaysia still dearly holds the above narrative as its core focus. At times we need to tilt towards “Machiavellianism” and realize our aims by teetering to the diverse community of readers. Even when we first started in June 2013 the blog had 50% posts on politics because of the outcome of GE 13.

The topics or subjects relating to Pope Francis were news items very much in the grain of the above narrated news bias. Tinged that with the posts on “Eurasian community in Penang”, “Taiwanese cyclist stops for durian”; the intertwining blog posts “Throwing away food is akin to stealing” and “atheists who do good are redeemed” resonate well with catering to the various diverse community makeup.

With the publication of my primarily Quran related manuscripts from January 2015, the topics still ringed true with subjects focusing on Innovation (and how education of youths ought to imbibe the sense of wonder), good governance and upright conduct – all catering to uplifting our diverse communities’ economic well-being with universal values everyone could identify with.

The feature topics related to published books change drastically after the book title “Places & Food Coma with Fun Travel Tales” of January 2016. The latest book preview (15.2.19) of Don Q Scriptural Acts condenses the becoming scripture conversant themes of Man from Quaint City (9.1.17), Don Q (10.7.17) and 21st Century Don Quixote (9.9.18). The thrust on realizing the abundant life and fulfilling one’s role to the immediate family and such remain attuned with our narrative premises.



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